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turns nurse call


Top or bottom connection?
The choice is yours.

The multifunctional nurse call handset for any type of use.

In more than 65% of the cases, the handset is hanging on
the lifting pole in front of the patient. Upside down.

Harder for the patient to use functionalities as the handset
needs to be turned in order to understand its features better.
Other ‘nurse call systems’ handsets only have one cable entry
at the bottom of its handset.

No more upside down worries

Each iCall handset can have the cable entry on the top or at the bottom.
Whenever the handset is hanging in front of the patient, handsets with top
cable entry will be used so all features will be visible instantly. Or the handset
will be positioned beside the patient in the wall holder with magnetic in/out
detection, using the handsets with bottom cable entry. The hospitals’ technical
staff can change the position of the cable within each handset, it’s easy to do
and the IP67 rating will not be impacted.

Know your patients’ needs faster.

iCall offers SIP speech room units combined with the multimedia pillow speaker: 2-way communication between the patient and the staff is available on the SIP unit and/or the handset. Multicast paging is available on the 205/206 SIP speech units within different programmable groups. After a nurse call, nurse staff uses the direct intercom communication to find out the reason of the room call immediately to respond in the right way.

All the functionalities listed:


Integrated telephone

Call’s SIP units can be programmed as a SIP extension on a SIP server or PBX. The multimedia pillow speaker behaves as an extension telephone on the hospitals’ telephone system. Besides internal phone calls, in- and outbound telephone calls can be established (if allowed) by its integrated telephone dialpad.

Music maestro, please!

Internet radio is available for eight different channels, programmable per handset and with individual volume control. Of course, any nurse call action will have higher priority than the radio.

Television, please!

The multimedia pillow speaker can be connected with most common Hospitality IP-Televisions for hospitals, using TCP/IP to turn on/off the TV and to control TV-channels and volume.

Light, please!

Two buttons are provided to manage two light sources in the room, using a separate relay unit.

Less sun, please!

Besides the up-down buttons for volume and channel selection, a specific up-down button is available to manage the blinds of the windows, using a separate relay unit.

Service, please!

For any other application where nurse staff doesn’t need to be activated, the service button can be used. For example, to call for water or coffee, or to call the cleaning staff. Any type of non nurse call application can be activated. You choose.

‘Oops, I disconnected…’

The handset cable is connected to the iCall SIP 205/206 unit with a magnetic
connector. This connector ensures that the cable can be disconnected in any
direction preventing damage of cable or wall unit. And of course, an automatic
pull-out alarm will be activated.

Overview of all features:

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