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In memoriam
Mark Decat

(24/12/1968 – 06/09/2021)


On Monday 6 September 2021, with great sadness in our hearts, we had to say goodbye to Mark Decat, our friend, colleague and Managing Partner of the Essec Group. Words fail to describe what he meant to us and to the entire Essec Group.

Since 1992 he was one of the driving forces of Essec. In 2009 this passion resulted in a takeover of the company together with 3 other partners. With enormous drive he led the sales and marketing department and ensured a healthy constant drive for innovation within the company. He was also the great inspirer in the creation of IndigoCare, a subsidiary of Essec, which worldwide successfully marketed the iCall nurse call system.

Among employees, partners, suppliers and in various entrepreneurial circles, Mark was known as a particularly driven personality, who always went through life full of passion and positivity. A smooth operator, who could fully enjoy life and who knew how to effortlessly convey his enthusiasm to the people around him. His contagious laughter, which often resounded through the corridors, betrayed his presence in the company time and again.

A few years ago, Mark fell ill. He endured the care with a lot of positive energy and fought back to pick up where he left. Unfortunately, fate struck a second time, resulting in another intensive period of care. In May 2021, just before the treatments were intensified, he married Sandra, the love of his life.

Despite the fierce battle he fought, we had to say goodbye to Mark. Our sincere condolences go out to his wife, children, family, friends, colleagues and everyone who loved him.

Mark, rest in peace.

We will miss you so much and we will carry you in our thoughts every day during all our further IndigoCare adventures!