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FNADEPA Sarthe I Conference Eating well, ageing well: challenges and perspectives


Live in-person: 5 november 2024


Where the world of healthcare meets.

FNADEPA, the esteemed Fédération Nationale des Associations de Directeurs d’Établissements et Services pour Personnes Âgées, stands at the forefront of elderly care in France. This pivotal organization unites professionals who lead the charge in enhancing the lives of the senior community.

As a beacon of progress, FNADEPA orchestrates a congress that is a melting pot of innovation and tradition, where ideas blossom and collaborations thrive. It is here that IndigoCare will proudly showcase its cutting-edge healthcare solutions designed to enrich the care provided to our elders.






Multimedia pillow speaker.
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3-in-1 wireless nurse call
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Discover our latest inventions

We have developed the first wireless nurse call solution which combines 3 technologies into 1 reliable alarm transmitter. Read more.

Another amazing product is our multimedia pillow speaker with a reversible cable. This multipurpose handset, in combination with our SIP unit, enables a 2-way communication between the patient and the staff. This way you quickly know the reason of the room call. Read more.

Join IndigoCare at FNADEPA

Are you passionate about innovative healthcare solutions? Do you believe in the power of technology to transform patient care?


FNADEPA IndigoCare 2024

 What to expect at FNADEPA in 2024?

Expect an inspiring day at the FNADEPA event in Sarthe, where leaders and experts will come together to discuss key issues in aged care. The day will be filled with presentations, including a look at FNADEPA’s 2024-2028 project and the latest developments in ageing policy.

There will also be breaks to visit the stands and network, culminating in discussions on the art of living and eating, and the science behind adapted textures in food. End the day with new insights and a fresh perspective on the healthcare sector.

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